I know this is going to sound incredibly sappy, but I am head over heels in love with my husband.

He is my biggest fan and I am his proudest cheerleader. We both work hard to build an exceptional marriage and choose to continue to grow in our ability to love each other better every day. I’ve learned a lot about Sameer over the years, and there is so much more to find out, but one thing that I discovered quite early on in our relationship is that he is one of those people for whom it is really hard to buy gifts on special occasions.

Gifts are a big deal in my family, so when he says he doesn’t need or want anything I struggle with knowing what to do. I want to give him amazing, thoughtful gifts that surprise him and bring him joy and that will benefit his life. But if he really wants something, he gets it himself. And if he is eyeing something, but it’s too much of a splurge and decides not to get it for himself, he wouldn’t want me to get it for him for the same reason. So over the years I’ve had to become very creative with the gifts I give him.

For our anniversary one year I made him a superhero cape. Seriously. I bought fabric, spent hours with my Grandma at the sowing machine, and made him a red and black cape with a stallion on the back. You can read more about his cape here. For Father’s Day – which we transferred over to the first day of the NFL season (I kid you not) instead of its normal place on the calendar – I ordered him a replica Kansas City Chiefs helmet. He holds it up in excitement before each game.

Every holiday and special occasion is an opportunity for me to wrack my brain to think of something he will absolutely love. This most recent holiday season I gave him a song. I put our love story to music and sang it for him.

The song progresses just as our relationship did: Starting with the butterflies and electric kisses, believing it couldn’t possibly get any better, and then realizing that the best is yet to come.

This one is for you, my love.

“Our Love”