Crying, I stood alone in the far, dead-end room of the hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. I wasn’t sad. And I was honestly very glad I was alone in that moment. You may think I’m crazy, but I was actually

Good And Faithful

When I think about growing old, I wonder what life will look like. The culture will most likely be vastly different than it is now. Maybe everyone will drive flying cars. And maybe I could get to London in an hour, who knows? I wonder what my children will be like and

If You Hide It, You’ll Lose It

Have you ever hidden something on purpose and then when it’s time to bring it out, you can’t find it because you hid it so well? It’s the worst! When Maya was born, we had grandparents and aunties come stay with us so they could meet her and give her lots of

Perspectives on the Nativity

When I think about the Christmas story, I envision a peaceful, clear night. There is a little shed filled with hay and baby Jesus is sleeping soundly, snuggled in a comfy blanket in the crevice of a feeding trough. I imagine that Mary and Joseph are also there, overwhelmed and exhausted but

A Scribble Of Audacity

Everything shifted on the day my daughter created art for the first time. Well, maybe you can’t call it art, but she learned how to draw on her new etch-a-sketch and my heart about burst with excitement. I thought about her future and all the beautiful things she would draw, paint, write,

Being Okay With Failure

I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but sometime last spring Sameer decided he wanted to become proficient in photography. Maybe it was because we were expecting our first child and he wanted to be able to capture our family moments, or maybe he just wanted to challenge himself to learn a

Fall At Home

Living in south Florida, I get to experience a unique coastal beauty every day that most people only get to enjoy on vacations. Last night, my husband and I made a quick decision to take our daughter to the community pool before it closed. We were both in awe of our surroundings.


Life is made of cluttered thoughts. Confusion. Anxiety. Deadly desires that won’t go away. Difficult moments and memories. Pain. Panic. Apathy. Bad decisions. Wasted time. But every so often clarity comes. Clarity is 20/20 vision through the muddied waters of our journey. The why, the how, the who I am to be.

Do You Change The Toilet Paper Roll?

I remember the day I changed the toilet paper roll without being told. I remember because it was a momentous occasion in my life. On that day, while sitting you know where, it occurred to me that the new toilet paper roll on the sink countertop next to me didn’t actually belong