This song was written after a season of huge transition in my life. I had recently gotten married, moved to a new state, and found myself without friends or family anywhere nearby. It was a time of tremendous growth in my life. But there were also many moments of loneliness and fear. It was during this season that I really began to write music. “In The Waves” was one of my first worship songs and it came from me sitting at the piano trying to process everything I was feeling at the time.

While I was working through what was on my heart, I remembered His promise to never leave me. Even though I had moments when all I could feel was the struggle, like wave after wave beating down on me, I realized He was there with me, all around me. He was even in the waves. This new perspective gave me such peace.

Though it can sometimes feel that God is far, far away, and has seemingly abandoned us to navigate through overwhelming circumstances on our own, we can trust that He is actually right there with us through it all.

“In The Waves”