This song was inspired by a story in the book of Exodus (Starting in Chapter 16) when God led the Israelites through the wilderness on the way to Canaan, the Promised Land. Though God had rescued them from slavery in Egypt, and performed many wonders and miracles among them, the Israelites still complained about their circumstances. They grumbled among themselves about how God was not caring for them well enough. It’s easy to blame them for having bad attitudes. It’s easy, as we read through these chapters, to see how they doubted the goodness of God in their lives. I tend to wonder how they could doubt that He was for them after doing so many incredible things in order to rescue them. Yet they chose to harden their hearts against Him. The truth is, God was leading them on a difficult journey and all they could see was the hardship in front of them, pressing in on them from all sides. This story convicted me about how I sometimes view my own life. When things aren’t going the way I thought they would, or when I’m struggling to see the goodness of God in certain situations, I want to remember not to doubt all that He has for me. I want to focus, not on the difficulty of the journey, though it may be long and hard, but on the good God who is leading me through it all. He has good things ahead for us if we are willing to walk with Him on the way.

This Is The Way

Verse 1
Though I know the road may be long ahead
You are leading me to the Promised Land
And I will trust you even through the desert sand
There’s a future and a hope I know that you have planned

I will not doubt your love is for me, God, you are for me
I will not doubt all you have for me, you go before me

Verse 2
You provide for me everything I need
You sustain my being when I’m tired and weak
I will follow you wherever you may go
Through wild and weary places even so

This is the way
Your Spirit leads
I will obey
And I believe
This is the truth
You are good
And all that you do
Is for my good

Verse 3
Every blessing is from your hand
And you’ll use anything to help me understand
You’ll be with me through the hard times, through the good times, and the bad
Your promise is your presence to the end

Music and Lyrics by Rachel Hinduja 2020