Life is made of cluttered thoughts. Confusion. Anxiety. Deadly desires that won’t go away. Difficult moments and memories. Pain. Panic. Apathy. Bad decisions. Wasted time.

But every so often clarity comes.

Clarity is 20/20 vision through the muddied waters of our journey. The why, the how, the who I am to be. Clarity is a slow-motion glimpse into our eternal destiny. A shot of sunshine in a month of rain. Crisp morning quietness before the birds wake. Stillness. Peace. A weightless dance beneath the waves. Clarity.

All confusion is cracked and crushed by this word. All discords are reconciled when one clear bell rings. Clarity.

Clarity comes when I’m quiet enough to hear His whisper, a deep loving hush. Clarity comes when I’m still enough to feel His wings of peace graze my cheek, reminding me of his softness and love.

Sweet butterfly kisses from God. Clarity.

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