Don’t Do It

Ask any parent of a baby or toddler and they will probably tell you that by the end of the day, they are totally spent. The amount of energy expended during our child’s waking hours almost completely wipes us out. If we were cars running on gas, by the end of the day our “E” light would be bright and blinking.…

Who Do You Run To?

My children have been teaching me so much recently. I guess they are always teaching me, but our change in circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic has provided me more opportunities to listen. This new way of living has also given me a new perspective on life; one where I have much less control than I would like but also the blunt reminder that I never had it in the first place. …

Casting Stones

When I hear this myriad of voices, judging others and casting stones
I feel a need, an ugly urge, to add to it my own
But as each person opens their smooth and slicing mouth
We see a heart’s hidden agenda silently pour out
Even those who say we love God and His word and ways
We tend to seek our own and do not speak with Love’s pure grace

But if I am to actually make a real change
The thing I must change is how I see each one’s face
If I look in your eyes and see division and doom
The thing I am missing is real love for you
Because this I know to be completely true:
If He came for me, He came for you, too

And if He came for you, His heart is ablaze
With a jealousy much stronger than rage
You see, you are His beloved, a child formed from His hands
Whether you believe it or not, His love for you stands

He’s jealous for you like a groom for his bride
As a serpent deceives her to run from His side
Will I choose to forget that you are His own
That you were created for love, to be known?…


Crying, I stood alone in the far, dead-end room of the hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

I wasn’t sad. And I was honestly very glad I was alone in that moment.…

Good And Faithful

When I think about growing old, I wonder what life will look like. The culture will most likely be vastly different than it is now. Maybe everyone will drive flying cars. And maybe I could get to London in an hour, who knows?…

If You Hide It, You’ll Lose It

Have you ever hidden something on purpose and then when it’s time to bring it out, you can’t find it because you hid it so well? It’s the worst! When Maya was born, we had grandparents and aunties come stay with us so they could meet her and give her lots of cuddles.…